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Eleven 11 Solutions is committed to building trust, advocacy and community. This focus leads to successful engagements, happy clients, happy consultants and referral business. 

Great consultants are discerning — they know amazing talent when they see it and they intuitively want to be part of it. We have built our team on a foundation of “good people know good people”. These connections have enabled the organic growth of Eleven 11 Solutions and added to the interconnectedness of our team. We are a collective of senior marketing professionals committed to a collaborative work environment. 


Program Management


A successful program entails cross team collaboration and project management. Whether it’s familiarity with product release cycles, process development or bringing order to an organization. Great program management starts with the leadership and structure to build out goals and metrics supported by superior project management to track everything from activities, to communications, to overall budget. We help connect our clients vision to the actions and details it takes to delivery meaningful and measurable results. We are skilled and proficient at orchestrating the end to end process. 


Design Strategy


Visual representation of complicated ideas continues to be challenging in a fast paced and ever changing marketing landscape. We are able to help leaders think through the messaging, the branding elements and how that translates into a visual message. Design encompasses a wide swath and we are lucky to have skilled graphic designers and writing specialists who can work closely together to deliver messaging through presentation design, infographics, branding, digital marketing and more.


Product Marketing

Campaign  |  Strategy  |  Communications

Making a product stand out in a crowded market involves so many possible strategies and tactics. Our team is uniquely experienced to deliver the strategy and the wherewithal to help our clients with campaign development including messaging frameworks, marketing tactics, specific assets and creation of “moments in time” which includes both online and in person event management. Our clients are creating exciting and compelling solutions.  It’s easy to fall in love with our clients products, so we work hard to connect them to their targeted audience. 


Event Planning

Project  |  Campaign  |  PR

There is nothing like gathering people together to educate, build awareness and amplify our clients message. We love helping people to connect, to build partnerships, to meet with customers and most importantly to help our clients tell their stories. We thrive on connecting every single detail. From reception desks to online registration to ultimately gathering all the data post event and making useful and strategic recommendations. Working hand in hand with our clients to deliver high impact events ensures successful engagements.